Traffic Engineering Services

Traffic Condition Links
The Town's Traffic Engineer manages all aspects of traffic flow, data collection, and safety.  More information about local and regional traffic conditions can be found at the following links:
Problems with a Signal Light
Signal light outages and other issues are handled by the Street Maintenance program. Click here for details on reporting signal issues.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy
The Town Council adopted a policy to mitigate traffic and vehicle speeding issues in residential neighborhoods. Download the full description of the Town's Traffic Calming Program (PDF) for more details.
Hillbrook Traffic Data
The files below show the unedited data gathered from the Sensys system’s online portal.  To read the data:
  • The volume column shows the hourly aggregated vehicle trips.
  • The summary data for each day lists the date as that following the data.  For example, the data for September 1st is labeled as 09/02/2014. 
  • The summary data for each day represents the daily trips exiting the gate.  The data can be used for identifying the maximum and average daily trips.  To get these numbers, the data will need to be doubled to capture entering as well as exiting vehicles.
  • The columns labeled “Occup (%)” and “Median Speed (mph)” are not utilized
             June 2014
             July 2014
             August 2014
             September 2014
             October 2014
             November 2014
             December 2014
             January 2015
             February 2015