Capital Improvement Program

Program Summary
The Fiscal Year 2013/14 - 2017/18 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a comprehensive 5-year capital improvement plan designed to develop and identify projects and the associated funds required to adequately develop and maintain the town’s infrastructure and future capital projects.

Capital Improvement Projects
Some current and recent CIP projects are listed below. 
The Plans and Specifications shown below are for viewing only and should not be used for bidding purposes. The Town is now utilizing Prints Charles Reprographics for bid management services. Prospective bidders can view Plans, Specifications, and Plan Holder’s lists at no cost via the internet at (Plan Vault) or they can purchase the Plans and Specs by contacting Prints Charles at (408) 240-3330 or

 For specific information about CIP projects, contact the Parks and Public Works Department at 408-399-5770.

 Annual Street Repair and Resurfacing and Pavement Rehabilitation-Crack Seal Project 
This project will prolong the life of the existing street infrastructure by rehabilitating streets with rubber chip seal and either slurry seal or microsurface treatment. The project also includes performing digouts, installing leveling course, sealing cracks, and placing new striping at various locations throughout the Town.
    Project Plans & Specs

 Almond Grove Street Rehabilitation Project
This project will develop a design to reconstruct the streets in the Almond Grove District, which will include safe and functional streets and sidewalks in this neighborhood. Due to the scale of this project, the proposed street reconstruction will be phased out over several years to minimize construction impacts on the community.

The Town is currently bid advertising two projects for two streets in the Almond Grove, project #13-31 Almond Grove Street Reconstruction Phase I (Concrete) and #13-31 Almond Grove Street Reconstruction Phase I (Asphalt). 
 Read on for the Plans and Specs and additional information…
Frank Avenue Storm Drain Improvement

This project will install a new storm drain pipe, including construction or removal and replacement of a curb inlet, manhole, asphalt concrete, and curb and gutter on Frank Avenue between Augustine Avenue and Izorah Way to address storm drainage issues.

Los Gatos Boulevard / Lark Avenue Intersection Improvements
This project will improve the traffic flow at this intersection by installing upgraded traffic signalization devices and striping the roadway. This project will focus on enhancements to the existing traffic signal system.

Retaining Wall Repairs-Jackson Street
This project will remove and replace existing retaining wall and associated guard rail, repair the roadway, and replace striping on Jackson Street south of Oak Hill Way.

Winchester Boulevard / Lark Avenue Intersection Improvements
Through this project, several road improvements will be completed at this intersection, including a new traffic signal system and a new receiving lane on the northbound side of Winchester Boulevard. Hillside Road Preservation Project
The Hillside Road Preservation Federal Project No. STPL-5067(020) is a Federally-funded project that will perform asphalt concrete digout repairs and place asphalt concrete leveling course to enhance and prolong the useful life of the roadway on Shannon Road between Los Gatos Boulevard and the Santa Clara County limit.