Capital Improvement Program

Program Summary
The Fiscal Year 2013/14 - 2017/18 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a comprehensive 5-year capital improvement plan designed to develop and identify projects and the associated funds required to adequately develop and maintain the town’s infrastructure and future capital projects.

Capital Improvement Projects
Some current and recent CIP projects:
Los Gatos Boulevard / Lark Avenue Intersection Improvements
This project will improve the traffic flow at this intersection by installing upgraded traffic signalization devices and striping the roadway. This project will focus on enhancements to the existing traffic signal system.

Winchester Boulevard / Lark Avenue Intersection Improvements
Through this project, several road improvements will be completed at this intersection, including a new traffic signal system and a new receiving lane on the northbound side of Winchester Boulevard.  Almond Grove Street Rehabilitation Project
This project will develop a design for the rehabilitation of street infrastructure in the Almond Grove District, which will include safe and functional streets and sidewalks in this neighborhood. Due to the scale of this project, the proposed street rehabilitations will be phased out over several years to minimize construction impacts on the community.  Read on...
Hillside Road Preservation Project
The Hillside Road Preservation Federal Project No. STPL-5067(020) is a Federally-funded project that will perform asphalt concrete digout repairs and place asphalt concrete leveling course to enhance and prolong the useful life of the roadway on Shannon Road between Los Gatos Boulevard and the Santa Clara County limit.  
The Town is now utilizing Planwell (ARC) for bid management services. You can contact ARC in Santa Clara at (408) 295-5770 or to purchase a set or to view Plans, Specifications and Plan Holder’s list. Prospective bidders may also view the plans and specifications prior to purchasing at 
Blossom Hill Park Pathway Improvements
The pathway that goes through this park will be widened to enhance safety issues. Also, a new asphalt pathway will be constructed near the Shannon Road parking lot to replace the current dirt pathway to improve access for people with physical disabilities. Complete

University Avenue / Los Gatos Saratoga Road
The project will include road widening on both directions of University. The widening will achieve the needed width to create two left hand turn pockets in the south bound direction of University Ave, as well as keeping the thru lane/right turn combo.
The north bound direction of University will receive the much needed left turn lane to LG/Saratoga Ave, with a designated left turn arrow. The north bound direction will maintain the thru lane, and add a designated right turn to LG/Saratoga Rd.Read on... Complete

Winchester Boulevard / Knowles Avenue Intersection Improvements
This project is designed to improve the traffic flow at this intersection by installing upgraded traffic signalization devices, adding turn lanes from Knowles Avenue to northbound Winchester Boulevard, constructing sidewalk improvements and restriping the roadway. Complete

 For specific information about CIP projects, contact the Parks and Public Works Department at 408-399-5770.
   Blossom Hill Park Pathway Improvements