Town Engineering Standards

Engineering Design Standards are divided into three sections available to download.  Note the drawings are not included.  
  1. Construction Plan Requirements (click here to download) 
  2. Street Design Standards  (click here to download) 
  3. Storm Drainage (click here to download)
Plus, a Table of Contents is also available for viewing.
The Town’s Engineering Design Standards are also available in hard-copy for $25.00 at the Engineering Office.  Electronic copies of the CAD drawings of the Standard Plans will be available on-line in the near future.
Geotechnical Guidelines outline the basic steps and necessary elements of geotechnical reports involved with review during the planning, building permit and site development application process, of which Town Engineers review for compliance with geologic/geotechnical  aspects. (click here to download).

Please contact the Engineering Office at (408) 399-5771 or email us.

All documents on this page are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The software may be downloaded for free by clicking on the icon below.