Los Gatos Hillside Specific Plan

Table of Contents
Plan Originally Adopted
Town of Los Gatos
  • Planning Commission February 8, 1978
  • Town Council August 7, 1978
County of Santa Clara
  • Planning Commission November 8, 1978
  • Board of Supervisors March 19, 1979
Town Council Planning Commission
  • Eric D. Carlson, Mayor Susan Grimes, Chair
  • Joanne K. Benjamin Catherine N. Smith, Vice-Chair
  • Thomas J. Ferrito Lee M. Chase
  • Robert L. Hamilton Argo Gherardi
  • Brent N. Ventura Sam E. Laub
  • John S. Lien
  • Kathryn Morgan
  • Barbara Spector
  • John A. Uhl
Town Staff
  • Deborah Swartfager, Town Manager
  • Mary Jo Levinger, Town Attorney
  • Robert Bryant, Director of Parks, Forestry and Maintenance Services Department
  • Ronald Zapf, Town Engineer
  • Lee E. Bowman, Planning Director
  • Donald R. Ross, Senior Planner
  • Bud N. Lortz, Senior Planner
  • Nancy Brown, Planner
  • Sandy Baily, Planner
  • Marie Burr, Administrative Secretary
  • Donna Ruhe, Secretary II
  • Diane Enderle, Secretary I
  • Kirk Heinrichs, Code Compliance Officer
  • Rudy Ayala, Planning Intern - Graphics