Engineering Documents

The Engineering Division has compiled a list of common items that are reviewed and examined with plans submitted as part of an Architecture and Site Application.  Please review these elements and incorporate them into the plans, as appropriate, with the proposed scope and improvements to help streamline Engineering-related comments, questions and concerns during the Development Review Committee process.

As required by Town Code Section 27.50.015(b), an applicant shall install all new, relocated, or temporarily removed utility services, including telephone, electric power, cable television and all other communications lines, underground.  Please review the document provided below to help determine it a proposed application will require the undergrounding of utilities.
Where required by a project’s Conditions of Approval, an approved Construction Management Plan is required in order to obtain a Building Permit and/or Grading Permit. The Construction Management Plan will be reviewed by the Engineering Division, Planning Division and Building Division prior to approval. The Construction Management Plan should be included in the Building and/or a Grading Permit set as a standalone full-size sheet that provides the information contained within the Construction Management Plan Guidelines below.  Please note that this differs from the Building Division's Construction Waste Management Plan.
Any projects proposed within areas of potential geologic hazards require a soils report for geologic and geotechnical review.  The report must discuss the geologic and seismic hazards, and conclude that there is a geotechnically feasible building envelope, in addition to providing geotechnical design recommendations.  Please review the information provided below to determine if a proposed project would require this additional review.

The Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines were adopted by the Town Council in January, 2004. All new hillside homes and major addition and remodels of hillside homes are required to comply with the standards and guidelines. For more information contact the Planning Division.
In the event that an Applicant proposes to install or construct private improvements within the right-of-way, a Private Improvements in the Public Right-of-Way (formerly Indemnity) Agreement will be required.  These improvements include, but are not limited to, specialty pavements such as pavers or other alternative surfaces, mailboxes, decorative columns, fences, retaining walls, and any other improvements that are not designed per the Town’s Standard Plans.

Monument data for the Town of Los Gatos can be assessed within the document below.

The Engineering Division requires Traffic Impact Mitigation Fees for all Projects that are determined by the Town to generate one or more new net Average Daily Trips.  Please review the document below for additional information.
Monument data for the Town of Los Gatos is provided in the document below.

A traffic control checklist may be required for a project’s traffic control plan.  Please complete the checklist provided below and coordinate with the Town’s Public Works Inspector.

The Town’s Interactive GIS Map can be utilized to obtain information such as aerial maps, zoning districts, hillside area, and topographic contours.  Town maps of particular parcels can be requested with a completed application as provided below.
A number of applications, approvals, documents and agreements are required in order to process a subdivision once a given Subdivision Application has been approved.  The documents below provide additional details and information.  When a Subdivision Improvement Agreement is required, please submit the completed worksheet linked below to your Project Engineer.
Public Improvement plans for improvements required per a project’s Conditions of Approval shall be prepared by a California registered civil engineer, reviewed and approved by the Town prior to the issuance of a building permit or the recordation of a map.  A preliminary estimate of fees required prior to the construction of public improvements can be determined with the Public Improvements Fee Estimate provided below.