Los Gatos Poet Laureate 2013 - 2015 Erica Goss

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About Erica:
Born in Germany and raised in California, Erica Goss has been writing poetry since she was a child. As a writer, she is interested in the juxtaposition between nature and human beings, finding inspiration in that tenuous intersection of the wild and the domesticated. Her poems often deal with how far people can encroach upon nature, where the boundaries are, and how we project our own hopes and fantasies upon the natural world.

Erica is a former editor of Caesura, the journal of literature and art put out by Poetry Center San Jose. She taught high school poetry for five years, has lead art and writing camps for young people, and currently teaches poetry workshops for adults. She is also a contributing editor for Cerise Press, and regularly reviews books of poetry. 

In 2012, she began writing a column on video poetry for Connotation Press. Her poems, reviews and essays have appeared in many literary journals, most recently Pearl, Ekphrasis, Main Street Rag, Café Review, Perigee, Dash Literary Journal, Eclectica, Up the Staircase, Lake Effect, Stirrings, Passager, Caveat Lector, Rattle, Zoland Poetry, Comstock Review and Innisfree Poetry Journal. 

She received the Many Mountains Moving Prize for poetry in 2011. She was nominated for a 2010 Pushcart Prize and received the first Edwin Markham Prize for poetry, judged by California Poet Laureate Al Young. Wild Place was also a finalist in the 2010 White Eagle Coffee Store Press Chapbook Contest, and received a special mention from Jacar Press’s 2010 Chapbook Contest.


Wild Place (2012)


Blood Lotus: “Cotyledon,” “Scraps” 

Stirring: “Omens, “Cover” 

Lake Effect: “Night Court,” “In Front of the Reichstag” 

Connotation Press: “Darkroom,” “Feverfew,” “Love in a Mist,” “As If In a Fire” 

Miller’s Pond: “Camellia Garden in October,” “ Conception,” “Colorblind” 

Bone Bouquet: “Fire Season” 

Café Review: “Mouth,” “This is a Wild Place” 

Dash Literary Journal: “Cotyledon” 

Innisfree: “Scraps” 

Perigee: “Autumnal,” “Answer the Phone” 

Eclectica: “Strange Land” 

Zoland Poetry: “Easter Sunday” 

Comstock Review: “Back to Empty” 

Passager, "Phase" 

Lilipoh, "Dust of an Ordinary Star" 

The Bohemian, "The White Bear" 

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Make Something Happen: Museums as Inspiration

Glory and Dissolution – "Invisible Strings" by Jim Moore
Dark Matter Camera: "Here Be Monsters" by Colin Cheney
A Change of Worlds: "If I Were Another" by Mahmoud Darwish
Arrangements of the Line: Ellen Bryant Voigt’s "The Art of Syntax: Rhythm of Thought, Rhythm of Song"
"The Darkened Temple" by Mari L’Esperance
"How to Make a Bird With Two Hands" by Mike White
"Chinoiserie" by Karen Rigby

Selected Poems:

Four poems in Connotation Press
One poem at Wild Violet
Three poems at Miller’s Pond Poetry Magazine
One poem at Eclectica Literary Magazine
Two poems at Stirring: A Literary Collection
One poem in Up the Staircase Quarterly