Downtown Parking Garage

The Town of Los Gatos prides itself in a vibrant and historic downtown. The downtown succeeds as a destination for shopping and dining for the region, the state, and the world. This success has led to a long standing and increasing need for off street parking. The Town Council has recently reemphasized the importance of this topic.

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Next Steps – 

Town Staff will select an economic consultant to assist with evaluation of contract terms with Presidio Development.  This will occur in December 2016.  Following that, the negotiations with Presidio Development will take place.

Already Complete-

September 20, 2016

The Town Council provided direction to staff on the next steps, including exclusive negotiations with Presidio Development to partner with the Town in construction of a mixed use parking garage and housing project that includes the following components:
  • 300 Parking Spaces
  • 20-24 Residential Units (including 6-9 Below Market Units)
  • Maintain mass and scale appropriate for the neighborhood
  • Supplement costs with up to $4M from the Town.

September 2015 – Request for Information

The Town seeks information from qualified private sector firms on public – private partnership opportunities that meet the demand for parking and which may also address other Town priorities. See the link below for Request for Information. The Town is open to a breadth of solutions and provides guidance in this RFI as to particular areas of interest.   

Council Ad Hoc Committee

The Town Council set up a special Ad Hoc Committee to study the potential for a downtown garage.  Information on the Committee meetings can be found here: