Music in the Park

Los Gatos Music & Arts
Music in the Park is a series of free, outdoor summer concerts held on the lawn of the Civic Center, located at 110 East Main Street. Begun by the community over 20 years ago, it is sponsored entirely by local businesses and individuals. Music in the Park is produced through a partnership between the Town and Los Gatos Music and Arts.
Each Music in the Park series is produced with an eye to providing a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational experience for its audience. 
Music in the Park is also produced with an eye to its enviornmental sustainability, as part of the Los Gatos: Growing Greener Together program. We invite you to participate in our efforts by considering actions that you, as an audience member, can take. A list of these actions is available here.
Lawn chairs are permitted. No blankets will be allowed on the lawn before or during the concerts. (Blankets trap heat which cause damage to the lawn areas.) Unattended items of any kind arenotpermittedbefore 3:00 p.m. on the day of a concert. Picnikersmay bring beer or wine with their picnic lunches, butall other alcoholic items are prohibited. The following items are not allowed at any time:
  • Tents, umbrellas, grills, portable generators, items that disrupt the concert
  • Reserving a seating space by staking and/or cordoning with ropes, tape or any other material
  • Hanging or posting anything on trees, plants or light poles
 Los Gatos Music & Arts is a nonprofit agency formed as an umbrella organization for local music and arts programs, including its successful Jazz on the Plazz series.  For more information,visit its website,